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Risk Management

Absolute International Security is financially strong and has effective safety programs in place with a 2018 Experience Modification Rate of 63% and a 2019 EMR of 62%. These rates are guaranteed to be among the lowest within the security industry. We also have a bonding ability of over $3 million and access to significant credit lines. Our company has grown rapidly, exceeding all past multi-year sales projections.

Insurance Policy

AIS maintains a comprehensive and specific insurance program for its various public and private security contracts. This coverage includes Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, Employer Liability, Employee Related Loss, and Terrorism Protection Plan. We have plans of up to $10,000,000 of coverage.


Excess Insurance

For clients that require an extra level of insurance due to high risk, we can procure a per project “excess” policy that is in addition to the coverage of an underlying policy category (i.e. general liability, auto, crime). AIS will also provide updates on our insurance coverage throughout the term of the Contract to ensure that there is no break in coverage during the period of the Contract. We will provide a thirty (30) day written notice prior to the cancellation or changes of any insurance policy. 

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