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Our Services

At AIS, we believe in a personalized service approach. That's why we suggest a free site threat assessment for your business before starting any service. Our goal is for you to have peace of mind knowing that there is always a qualified officer ready to protect your property from vandalism, theft, transients, and other dangers.

All our officers are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and may be requested to have CPR/AED training, baton, pepper spray, or exposed firearm permits. Our team of officers are experienced in providing security services for both high-level government contracts and also the private sector. 

We're focused on providing value for our clients. That's why we utilize leading security workforce management software to assign resources more efficiently and give our clients complete operational reports. Click here for more information regarding our technology sector. 

We offer the following types of services:​

  • Armed and Unarmed Security

  • Stationary, Foot, and Vehicle Patrols

  • 24/7 Service

  • Personal Protection

  • Loss Prevention

  • Security and Safety Training

  • Security for Workplace Violence

  • Threat Assessments

  • Customized Security Plans

  • Security Consulting

See what our clients say:

The security on campus has done a fantastic job. Please encourage them to continue the good work. We greatly appreciate their dedication.

LA County Unified School District

This is truly a first for me. I have Operators stopping me and complimenting the guards on the great job they're doing out there. Again, I wanted to extend a job well done!

Safety & Security Manager

I wanted to express my gratitude and recognition, especially to one of the assigned security officers at our LA office. Your officer is a remarkable human and a great security officer. She has gone out of her way to serve and make sure we feel safe. For the first time in a long while, I actually feel that we have a security guard that shows concern and is doing the part. The way your guards handled the situation was very professional, and I could not thank them enough. I feel at ease knowing that we finally have security guards who are both caring and professional. They didn't run off, and I felt that they have our backs.

Management Clerk in City of Los Angeles

He was early to his shift, very personable, did not need a lot of direction and knew the drill. Staff said he was "awesome". He was said to be very helpful throughout the night and receptive to directions. Kudos!

Recreation Supervisor

I would like to thank your security officer for notifying regarding water accumulating in our station excavation. After receiving notification, we were able to start a de-watering pump that was mistakenly left off, saving us substantial downtime for the crews on Monday morning.

Major World-wide General Contractor

AIS has exceeded our expectations from the very beginning and we are confident they can continue the high level of services. We are very pleased with the performance of the officers, professional uniforms, management response time, and the frequency of field supervision's post inspection. 

Administrative Services Analyst 

Security officer secured the premises by intercepting a non-participant in respectful manner. He treated this young man with dignity and explained our rules. We together worked to offer assistance and the young man replied with, “that officer treated me like I mattered and did not come at me wrong or rude. He did a great job and I appreciate that.” Officer has been exceptional here and is a great team-player.  He is a pleasure to work with.

Program Manager 

One employee stated, "He's always visible and walking around". The staff here really likes the officer, appreciate his hard work and does an outstanding service. Staff at AIS has made a significant difference. 

County Facilities Coordinator

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and your team.  Great work!! Thank you all for your professionalism. We really appreciate it!

Government Management Analyst

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